“When you work with a personal trainer, you get special attention and support that is incredibly hard to duplicate in an exercise DVD for the masses. That's not a problem here. This is a very personal DVD. Suzi Lonergan clearly gets how you might not be as up to the task as she is. She brings you through her workout without making you feel like you don't have to chase her to keep up. The workout is challenging, but presented in a way that allows you to find your own level. Bottom line, she takes care of you. In fact she educates you about how to safely train. If you have back concerns, you still get to play. If you want to increase the challenge, she shows you how. Lonergan's experience shows. She obviously knows the difference between just working up a sweat and working on your health. I would recommend this DVD for people at all levels.

  • Jeffrey Vahanian­ - Certified Financial Planner

Suzi Lonergan is one of the most diverse body trainers in the world. Her deep knowledge of the physical potential is based upon her classical training in ballet and modern dance. These forms require a massive understanding of the mechanics of the human anatomy and give a deeper sense of precision to the development of one's teaching method. Her ability to understand energy flow and direct correction to placement, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the muscle groups make her work a total success. She produces a sculpted physique, but most especially she creates an aware student who can begin to take command of their physical potential.

At American Ballet Theatre's Summer Training Program she has done brilliant work with our students who come from all over the country and world. She is able to teach all ages and spark love and interest in delving into areas of the body which need more introspect consideration. She has inspired our pre-professional dancers to work with a strong sense of intent to the work, a sense of emotional balance while pushing physical limits and a desire to capture the experience of total health and vibrance. It is rare that anyone can possess this combination of the physical, emotional and intellectual gifts necessary to teach such a beautiful form of body power. Bravo! Bravo!”

  • Rebecca Wright - Artistic Director of American Ballet Theatre's, Summer Intensives

“WOW I feel rejuvinated...Thanks Suzi

I always was feeling tired and lifeless. I have more energy now and I am preparing for our new baby to arrive next year. Thanks again”

  • WL Brown from St. Maarten

“ I have been Suzi Lonergan's client for many years. Her Pilates DVD is as professional and easy to follow as she is in her private sessions. I love using the DVD when I travel to keep in tone. Suzi introduced me to Pilates eight years ago, and I have stayed with the program since that time. This DVD is a wonderful way to hear Suzi's enthusiasm and careful instruction. I am so glad that others across the country, will be able to benefit from her Pilates class.

  • Sharon Solomon Rose

“What a difference!

I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for Suzi Lonergan's Pilates. As a college cheerleader I have to stay lean and strong to execute our rigorous routines. This DVD is perfect for accomplishing these goals. I've even lent it to my teammates who have never done Pilates before, and they loved it! Since buying Suzis Pilates DVD, I don't have to make time for the gym, and I'm not in pain while working out, which is something that I put up with for a number of years. It's such a relief to finally be able to look forward to an exercise program and actually see the results! Thank you Suzi!

  • Megan from San Diego, CA

“I Love It!

Suzi Lonergan has presented Pilates movements in a format that is easy enough for all of us to follow. I'm a 55-year old breast cancer survivor who has lost some of her agility. I watched the DVD first to get an idea of the pace and range of movements involved in the presentation. The pace was easy to manage. The Pilates movements themselves were well-presented. If you are anything like me, watching the screen and doing the home exercise at the same time is sometimes difficult. Suzi had obviously thought about how to make the movements understandable at many levels. If you are looking for a Pilates DVD you can stick with, this is the one. I love it.

  • Kathy Corcoran from Ramona, CA

“A positive road back to physical health!

Suzi Lonergan's Pilates is simply a great workout DVD! No matter what level you find yourself, it's a great way to get in shape! I've seen many workout DVD's and most have either been too complicated, gimicky, or just left me bored! This program is easy to watch & follow plus Suzi's informative and charismatic instruction keeps you focused! I had let myself get a bit out of shape and also get intimidated by the atmosphere at most gyms, so this DVD has given me a positive tool that allows me to get in shape and enjoy doing it at the same time! Thanks Suzi!”

  • Mitch from Laguna Beach, CA

“Change your body change your life for the better!

Suzi's DVD is an excellent introduction to Pilates as well as a great tool to use for starting and maintaining a workout regimen for any level. It's easy to follow, it's fun, and best of all the results are fantastic! Just ask my boyfriend, I'm fifty something and he's eighteen years younger!

  • Viewer from Los Angeles

“Suzi Lonergan's Pilates!

Good instructor - good explanations and examples. A great Pilates workout. Instructor seems very knowledgeable.

  • Viewer from Los Angeles, CA

"Suzi Lonergan is an absolute magician. She can revitalize anyone, giving tremendous strength, energy, and a new posture for life."

  • Peter Medak - Director

"The impossible continues to become possible. Suzi has helped me to overcome, without surgery, the results of a serious injury. I am now stronger and in better shape than I was in my twenties."

  • Margareta Schiappa - Editor

"Working with Suzi has changed my life. It's really amazing to the 10th power! My fifteen year dependence on prescription anti-anxiety medication is finally over. Her Pilates! DVD has given me a new way of living. The positive change in my attitude as well as the change in my physical condition is obvious to all. I'm healthier in body, mind and spirit. Thanks Suzi, you helped me on the way to finding a new me."

  • Susan Sommer - Publisher

"I was introduced to Suzi when my life was in a total crisis. Not only did she strengthen and change my body, but also her unique way of exercising eased much of my stress. For me, Suzi helped put my body and mind back in shape."

  • Val Bennett - Producer

"I love playing golf, but due to back problems I was unable to play. But, working with Suzi's Pilates DVD, I am now able to play as much golf as I want to, without any pain. It has changed my life."

  • Aaron Roth - CFO

"Since working with Suzi, my posture has gotten better, my muscles have gotten longer and more toned, and I'm more graceful and flexible. I've learned to connect into my body's strength and really understand what it takes to move with power. And most importantly, my spirit has been lifted."

  • Shannon Lee - Actor

"Two years after a car accident which required back surgery I was in frequent pain and was taking four ibuprofen almost everyday. My right arm and right leg were often numb and I was afraid to do any sit ups, or side twists because I feared I would make it all worse. I was looking for something that would save me from a life as a crippled and crabby old lady with a cane when a friend told me about Suzi Lonergan's Pilates DVD. I started doing the DVD twice a week and found I could do abdominal work without hurting my back. Over the last two months my back pain has gone, the numbness in my arm and leg has decreased and my stomach is flatter. It's quick and not boring and I feel energized after I finish the workout."

  • Anita Stephens from Topanga Canyon, CA

"I have just completed a ten week series with Suzi, offered by the MS Society. Suzi has taught me how to work from my powerhouse. It amazes me how fast I saw results. My bladder problems are gone. My legs are stronger and firmer than ever. My balance and flexibility has greatly improved. Because of Pilates, I feel lighter and healthier. Most importantly, I feel better about myself."

  • L.G. from Los Angeles, CA