Suzi Lonergan-Pilates!

 Suzi Lonergan Pilates! - THE DVD

Basic and Intermediate Mat Series in one DVD

A non-aggressive, non-competitive approach to mind-body conditioning that:

* Revives youthfulness, both physically and mentally

* Increases strength and flexibility to your spine

* Increases energy and self - confidence

* Relieves stress and fatigue, replacing it with a feeling of well - being and greater stamina

* Strengthens your immune system

* Repairs injury

* Assures better, more restful sleep

* Improves posture, balance and coordination

* Creates strength without bulk

* Improves joint mobility

* Enriches your sex life

Suzi Lonergan - PILATES! consists of :

* Basic Series is 9 exercises, in just 10 minutes

* Intermediate Series is 23 exercises in just 25 minutes

With 4 different participants for:

  • Normal healthy body

  • Neck Concerns

  • Back Concerns

  • Knee Concerns